Additional Frequently Asked Questions 11/30/18

Answers to additional frequently asked questions— November 30, 2018:

Why was Bill Owen preaching on Sunday, November 25?
Since Dr. Baker was planning to be gone, the Transition Team wanted to give the congregation an opportunity to hear the potential candidate for Congregational Coach/Transition Pastor, sooner rather than later.

Has Bill Owen been hired already for the transition work?
No. The church does not have a contract with him at this point.

Have we incurred any expenses regarding Transition work up to this point?
Yes. We had invited Bill Owen to interview with the Transition Team on October 30, and had him preach and meet the congregation and staff on Nov 25.  We are planning to pay mileage expenses for two trips, hotel expense for a one-night stay, and two meals.

Will the Deacons and Church congregation be voting on Bill Owen and the Transition Process?
Yes. The Team will ask for a church vote on the candidate at the appropriate time.