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DNOW 11/30/18

Mark your calendars: Friday, November 30 - Sunday, December 2 is this year’s DNOW weekend, a life-changing student ministry event for grades 6-12. Join us for our annual in-home retreat for Bible studies, games, mission projects and fun as we grow closer to Jesus. Cost: $30. Contact Justin if you need more information (or if the fee presents an issue). SIGN UP HERE!

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Children's Pumpkin Patch 10/24/18

Calvary invites children (preschool through 5th grade) and their parents to join us for the Pumpkin Patch Carnival on Wednesday, October 24th from 6-7:30pm in the ROC Gym.  We'll have inflatables, candy, art, games and prizes. Wear a fun costume.  No scary costumes, please.

Have questions or need information? Contact Carrie Beth via phone or email.

Upcoming Events Through December 2018

Highlighted Dates Through December 2018
10/18 LOGOS Spruce Up Day

10/18 Harrison Elementary Fall Bash

10/24  Pumpkin Patch Carnival

10/28  Carrie Beth & Hank - 25th Anniversary Celebrations

11/4 Church-wide Trivia Night

11/9 Middle School Hayride

11/10 High School Hayride

11/11  Quarterly Business Meeting

11/18  Family Thanksgiving Feast

11/30  D-Now Weekend

12/15  Christmas Project

12/16  Christmas Musical 11:00am

12/23  Service of Remembrance 6:00pm

12/24  Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service 6:00pm

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Sunday at Calvary 10/14/18

Worship with us at 8:30, 10:45 or 11:00. Dr. Baker preaches “Surely He is Asking Too Much, Isn’t He?” at 8:30 & 11:00 with scripture readings from Luke 9:23-25, Matthew 11:28-30 and John 13:3-5. Youth—and their families—are invited to The Summit at 10:45 in Fellowship Hall. Come hear Justin Sizemore preach “Asking a Different Question” and stay for fellowship and lunch after worship. We’re still collecting socks for the homeless throughout Socktober. The 11:00 worship bulletin can be found here.

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Transition Team Information 10/11/18

Calvary Connections Newsletter—October 11, 2018

The next few months will be an important time in the life of our church as Dr. Baker retires and turns over his leadership and 27-year service legacy at Calvary to another leader.  While we are reluctant to see the end of Dr. Baker’s ministry with us, we rejoice and celebrate the many good years of his ministry at Calvary. In the meantime . . . our newly-formed Transition Team has begun to plan the next steps for the Church.

When Dr. Baker spoke about his desire to retire to the Personnel Committee, this began a conversation about planning for the future of Calvary, both long-term and successional.  We felt the formation of a Transition Team could help us address some of these issues, leaving the future Pulpit Committee free to focus on the search for our new pastor. 

You may be asking, exactly what does a Transition Team do, and who are the members?  One of our first tasks will be to help Calvary determine where God is leading us. It is the desire of the Transition Team to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining all the ministries of the church through the months prior to and following after the retirement of Dr. Baker and until the placement of a new Pastor. The Team will work in conjunction with current staff, the Deacon Board, the Personnel Committee, the Finance Committee, and the entire congregation.    

Things we will not be doing include choosing the Pulpit Committee, as the Nominating Committee will have that task, nor will the Transition Team be selecting the new Pastor and we will only spend funds that have been approved by the congregation.

For your part, we ask that you pray for the committees involved, but also for the Calvary Staff, Nominating Committee, and Deacon Board as they seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.   We ask that you continue to be faithful in your attendance at services, participate in the various ministries at Calvary, or get involved if you are not currently, and continue to support the work of the Church through your regular giving.

The Transition Team members all want to hear your thoughts and suggestions and pledge to keep you informed throughout the process. Let’s challenge ourselves to not only maintain, but grow in numbers, in spirit, and in financing the various ministries of Calvary during this transition period.

Team Members are: Becky Miller, Chairperson, Mira Ball, Amanda Hale, Lee Jinright, Abbie Jones, Ellen Kennedy, Neil Reed, Brad Scroggin, Matt Skaggs, Mike Taylor, Bill Thurman and Becky Wills.

Advent Wreath Workshop 11/7/18

It’s time to make your own family Advent wreath at a workshop led by Mary Jo Lamkin. Many of our Calvary families have made wreaths in the past and continue to treasure them as a special Christmas tradition. The workshop will be held in the craft room from 5:45-7:15pm on Wednesday, November 7th. You can sign up now HERE.

Email Carrie Beth if you need more information.

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Wednesday Evening 10/10/18

Join us Wednesday for Fellowship Dinner (Pork Loin, Macaroni & Cheese, Mixed Vegetables, Dessert, Soup & Salad Bar and Kids Meal) in Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:15. Two Bible Studies this week: “THE B-I-B-L-E: That’s the Book for Me” led by Hank Ellington (Part 4: How to Read It) at 6:15 in the Fireside Room and Calvary Women’s Ministry Bible book club with “Church of the Small Things” continues at 6:15 in Room 300 - EB2.

4:00pm--Youth Homework Huddle
5:00pm--Fellowship Dinner
5:00pm--Youth Open Gym
5:45pm--Preschool/Children's Music
6:15pm--Bible Study: “THE B-I-B-L-E: That’s the Book for Me”
6:15pm—College Bible Study
6:15pm—Women’s Bible Study/Book Club: “Church of the Small Things” EB2 Rm.300
6:15pm—Youth Bible Study
6:30pm—Sanctuary Choir Practice
6:30pm—Transition Team Meeting, EB1 3rd Floor Conf Rm
6:35pm--Preschool/Children's Missions
7:30pm—College Recess

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Calvary Volunteers Needed!

LOGOS Fall Spruce-Up-the-Church-Campus Day: LOGOS volunteers will gather for a fall “Spruce Up” Day on Thursday, October 18 from 10:30am to 1:00pm.  If you would like to help out, please email

Worship Care Leaders Needed: for preschool children during the 8:30 and 11:00 Worship Services. Volunteers serve once every four to six weeks.  Must be 18 years or older.  Sign up as an individual or as a family.  Email Carrie Beth for more information.

Decorating Help Needed: We’re seeking decorating team members to assist with decorating the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall for Christmas and Easter as well as the Thanksgiving Feast tables.  You can help with all the events or you can help for just one season.  We’re also looking for someone who can coordinate Thanksgiving & Easter decorating. If you can help,  please email

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Missions Volunteers Needed! 10/8/18

MEALS ON WHEELS: Calvary has been partnering with Meals on Wheels for 44 years! We’re in need of new weekly—or monthly—volunteers who can meet at Trinity Baptist Church at 11:00am and deliver meals to 14 individuals on a one hour long route in the Henry Clay Blvd. area. Start off as a substitute or feel free to join Brian Varble (on a Friday) for a test run.  Contact Brian (via email or phone) or Barb Pinchback for more information or to sign up.  

GOD’S PANTRY FOOD BANK: Did you know we have been partnering with God's Pantry every Tuesday and Thursday for 10 years? We need individuals or Sunday School classes to volunteer on the 5th Tuesday and Thursday of the month (5:30-7:30pm) at Saint Luke's United Methodist Church on Alumni Drive. It’s a great opportunity to get together and serve. Please contact Brian Varble (via email or phone) to sign up.

ROOM IN THE INN MINISTRY: We are looking for Sunday School classes to help with RITI on 22 Sunday evenings November 4th through March 31st. We are in serious need of men to serve as overnight hosts on 2 person teams. “When someone experiences hospitality and safety and a feeling of belonging, they experience sanctuary.” -- Charles Strobel, founding director, RITI Nashville. Sign up with Brian Varble via email or phone

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Room in the Inn / 40 Men Needed

Calvary's Room in the Inn Ministry: We are looking for Sunday School classes to help on 22 Sunday evenings November 4th through March 31st. —-> We are in serious need of overnight hosts. 40 men needed to serve in 2 person teams to fill 20 Sunday nights on the schedule. Sign up now by contacting Brian Varble via email or at (859) 327-9984 or at church on Sunday 10/21.  

Printable sign up form with dates and additional information for Sunday School classes is available here.

When someone experiences hospitality and safety and a feeling of belonging, they experience sanctuary.  -- Charles Strobel, founding director, RITI Nashville

ROOM IN THE INN Lexington’s ministry was born over 10 years ago in response to a cease-and-desist order issued by the LFUCG against a local church who began offering food and shelter in their basement during the coldest nights of the winter. In response to the City’s action, we formed a small delegation that traveled to Nashville to evaluate the ROOM IN THE INN NASHVILLE ministry. The Nashville ministrybegan in 1986 under the leadership of Father Charles Stroble, with 4 churches. It is now Nashville’s second largest shelter with over 200 host congregations participating. 

Each fall, homeless men from the Lexington area are invited to apply to participate in our ministry. Applicants are screened and 24 men are invited to attend. The men are divided into two groups, which are dispatched each night from a central downtown location to participating congregations by an Innkeeper. Participating congregations pick up the guests and transport them to their facilities, where they are greeted with a warm meal and a safe place to sleep for the evening. The following morning, guests receive breakfast and are transported back downtown. Through this process, relationships are formed and lives are changed – not just the guests, everyone involved!

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Holiday Decorating Help Needed 10/6/18

The Calvary Decorating Team needs your help!

We are seeking team members to assist with decorating the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall for Christmas and Easter and to help decorate the tables for the Thanksgiving Feast.  You can help with all the events or you can help decorate for only one season.  We are also looking for someone who would coordinate the decorating for Thanksgiving & Easter. If you can help,  please email

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