Why do we need a capital campaign?

Our annual budget to which so many Calvary members contribute faithfully is necessarily focused on the people, talent and tools needed to provide a wonderful worship experience and conduct vital missions work in our community and beyond. The needs being addressed in our capital campaign, though, speak to several fundamental maintenance, building and infrastructural needs that have been put off or delayed so as not to impact our annual budget and focus. We are at a point where several of those challenges — such as the debt on the Mission Lexington Building as well as an aged heating and cooling system— can no longer be deferred. At the same time, we have an opportunity to modernize and enhance the worship experience through upgrades to sound, lighting and other equipment in both our sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. Finally, additional resources raised beyond these infrastructural needs will be utilized to pay off church debt and build a maintenance reserve fund so we can ensure that our annual budget can be completely focused on our missions and worship work together.

When will renovations begin and how long will it take to complete the work?

The capital campaign pledge period will last two years. We hope to begin some of the foundational work — such as the heating and cooling system — very quickly as donations allow. We would like, as a Church, to be in a position to have this work completed, and our debt paid off, within two years.

How can I stay informed about the process and the progress of the campaign?

We will be communicating often, in a variety of ways, with our Church Family throughout the campaign. A series of special Sunday School lessons and other activities will begin on April 10th, leading up to a Commitment Sunday on May 1st. In addition, in the coming weeks, we will update the campaign’s progress on our church website at calvarybaptistchurch.com.

How can I support the campaign or get involved?

We will be providing more information about how donations can be made in the coming weeks. But we are asking everyone in our Church Family to begin by prayerfully considering how, and to what level, you can be involved as we lead up to Commitment Sunday on May 1st. Every gift, no matter the size, and every manner of support, is critical to our efforts as a church family. As our campaign theme suggests, we always have been a church that has looked above to Christ for direction and we have been a church dedicated to moving Beyond what is comfortable or easy in doing Kingdom work. That work requires all kinds of commitments and efforts to be successful.

What are the different ways I could give to meet pledge goals?

There will be a variety of ways to meet pledge goals. In general, we are asking Church members to consider a pledge that will be honored over a twoyear period. Some may start small, such as a small monthly donation of $5 to $10, for example. You will be surprised at how quickly you become accustomed to a regular pattern of giving toward our mutual goals as a Church Family.

How long do I have to fulfill my pledge?

The capital campaign will be completed over a two-year period, beginning in May, 2016, beginning with Commitment Sunday.

I already tithe. Why should I give to a capital campaign?

Your regular tithing is essential and vital to Calvary. That regular tithe helps fund the Church’s daily and annual operations — our staff, the initiatives and missions work we focus on as a Church, our operations and general maintenance of the Church campus. The needs outlined in the capital campaign, though, go above and beyond what we can do in the context of our annual budget. In an important sense, taking care of these infrastructural and financial needs now will lay a critical foundation for growing and enhancing our worship and missions in the future.

I gave to the last capital campaign. Why should I give to this one?

Our last capital campaign was more than 17 years ago and went toward the construction of the Recreational Outreach Center. Our Church campus and infrastructure has continued to age. Our worship needs and missions’ outreach has continued to grow. All of that — basic maintenance, enhancing worship, ensuring that we are paying the remaining debt on our facilities -— must be addressed in a way that does not compromise the ongoing operations and work we do together.

How long will the campaign last?

We are hoping to receive pledges and commitments in early May that will help ensure the campaign’s long-term success with the idea of fully completing these efforts in three years.

Who gets to make decisions on how the money pledged is spent?

Our church community already has endorsed the primary components of the capital campaign, voting unanimously on June 28, 2015 begin this effort. Throughout this process, an important component of the campaign will be ongoing communications so that everyone understands in a thorough and transparent way how your resources are being spent and utilized.

What happens if I make a pledge and then something happens and I am unable to complete it?

Simply contact Ed Lynch, Business Administrator, in the church office at (859) 254-3491 in the church office. He e is the only person on staff who will see and be able to change your pledge.

Should I really give anything if I don’t have much to give?

Absolutely. Every gift counts and there are innumerable ways to give and be involved in this special moment in the life of our Church. Remember, Jesus held up the widow’s small gift as the most special and extravagant one he had ever seen. It came from a place of deep faith and trust and that was its inherent value, one not simply measured in dollars and cents. As we pool our resources through this campaign — small and large — we can and will do remarkable things as a Church Family. Consider, to that end, starting with a small amount — perhaps $5 a month — and then increase it as you are able. If you are not able to give monetarily, there are other ways to give of your time and talents that will greatly benefit our efforts as well. We want the entire Church Family to participate in this special time.